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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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giant photographs they're going to put on the side of cigarette packs but the final nail in the coffin of smoking? good morning. this is "way too early," the show that promises to spare from you the worst proposed foet knows they want to put on the cigarette packs. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching on msnbc or listening on xm radio. shoot me an e-mail and let me know why you're awake right now or do what jose conseco does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this veterans day, thursday, november 11th. a lot going on today including hillary clinton joining the president in condemning israel's construction in east jerusalem. plus, in her final season, oprah
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invites on to the show all the people whose butts she has whipped over the years. welcome back weak competition. oprah's victory lap a little bit later. first, let's get to the news. the leaders of a bipartisan panel set up by president obama are laying out a sweeping plan to slash the nation's ballooning deficit. democrat erskine bowles and alan simpson say their wide-ranging ideas would reduce the projected deficit by nearly $4 trillion by the year 2020. the contentious package touches nearly every aspect of government including cutting all areas of discretionary spending including defense, raising new social security retirement age to 68 by 2050 and rewriting the tax code while eliminating all tax deductions. in addition, the proposal would
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impose a three-year pay freeze for most federal employees, cut 10% of the federal workforce, eliminate all earmarks and increase the gas tax by 15 cents a gallon. on capitol hill, the reaction to the unpopular proposals was mixed with many suggesting that any final plan would be much weaker than the one released yesterday. this isn't the full plan. these are the preliminary findings of bowles and simpson. outgoing speaker nancy pelosi said this proposal is simply unacceptable. any final proposal must do what is right for our seniors who are counting on the bedrock promises of social security and medicare. afl-cio president says the chairman of the deficit commission just told working americans to drop dead. and economist paul krugman added, so you're going to tell janitors to work until they're 70 because lawyers are living longer than ever. however, a member of the fiscal commission says this is a provocative proposal and while we have concerns with some of
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the specifics, we commend the co-chairs for advancing the debate. president obama is urging leaders to hold their fire over the recommendations saying, "tough choices are going to be necessary to tame the deficit that is soared to more than $1 trillion a year. still, the proposals are not binding. the plan needs to garner the votes of 14 of the 18 members in the commission to even trigger votes in the house and the senate. this is only the beginning. but it's already stirring up some trouble. speaking just a few hours ago, today's g-20 summit in seoul, president obama said the united states and china are making progress on negotiations to tackle sensitive issues like the openness of the chinese economy and reforming that country's currency. but earlier in a sharp setback, the president said the u.s. and south korea had failed to reach an agreement on a free trade deal although he said they will continue negotiations. this morning obama pro diktprede summit would be successful to grow the economy.
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>> i don't think you'll get any objection to their belief that if the u.s. isn't growing, that's not good for the rest of the world. it also doesn't negate the fact that if we -- if individual countries are engaging in practices that are purposely designed to boost their exports at the expense of others, that can contribute to problems as opposed to solving them. >> earlier in the day, the president marked veterans day by saluting american troops who fought in the korean war. at an army garrison in south korea, he also offered some sharp criticism for north korea. >> today the korean peninsula provides the world's clearest contrast between a society that is open and a society that is closed. between a nation that is dynamic
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and growing and a government that would rather starve its people than change. it's a contrast that is so styo can see it from space. as the brilliant lights of seoul give way to the utter darkness of the north. north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons will only lead to more isolation and less security for them. there is another path available to north korea. if they choose to fulfill their international obligations and commitments to the international community, they'll have the chance to offer their people a growing opportunity instead of crushing poverty, a futurer of greater security and greater respect, a future that includes the prosperity and opportunity available to citizens on this end of the korean peninsula. >> south korea, the latest stop on this ten-day tour for the president. he's currently attending a dinner with the leaders of the g-20 summit which wraps up in about an hour. secretary of state hillary clinton is joining president obama in criticizing israel's
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latest building plans in the disputed east jerusalem. an issue that has put efforts to restart middle east peace talks in jeopardy. speaking one day before she is scheduled to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu here in new york, clinton called the proposed construction of 1300 new apartments counterproductive. >> the united states was deeply disappointed by the announcement of advanced planning for new housing units in sensitive areas of east jerusalem. this announcement was counterproductive to our efforts to resume negotiations between the parties. we have long urged both parties to avoid actions which could undermine trust including in jerusalem. >> netanyahu has rejected president obama's criticism of the settlement plan insisting there is no link between the peace talks and israel's development plans. a bipartisan group of senators visiting afghanistan say coalition forces have made
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substantial progress since president obama ordered 30,000 additional troops there last summer. however, they also warn that american forces will remain in afghanistan through 2014, well past the july 2011 target date that president had set. senator john mccain urged president obama to clarify his administration's plans for a troop withdrawal. >> it's wrong to set the date of july of mid 2011. sent the wrong message and created a problem. and we need to have the president of the united states state unequivocally that it will be solely condition based. and so i worry a great deal about the effect. not only here but it encourages our enemies and discourages our friends. >> and senator joe leberman of connecticut says politicians on both sides of the aisle understand that any drawdown would depend on conditions on the ground. >> when president obama announced a searurge of troops
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afghanistan, he said what happened in july 2011 would be based on conditions on the ground. america is not going -- we're going to stay here until the job is done here. we're not going anywhere. in fact, a better date to think about is the end of 2014 as president karzai has said when the afghan troops will be ready to take the lead. >> 2014. over in iraq, prime minister nuri al-maliki will return to power for another four-year term after the country's politicians settled on an agreement. it breaks an eight month impasse that rattled for foreign investors. the sunni-backed coalition which strongly opposedal maliki resigned itself last night to serving in his government along with other political groups. a new poll shows that americans opinions of house
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speaker in waiting john boehner improved. they view him in a positive light in the increase from three prior polls this year. however, four in ten americans still don't know enough about the man to have an opinion. bain boehner's counterpart is better known. one in three don't have an opinion. boehner is viewed much more negatively than positively. 43% of those surveyed gave reid an unfavorable rating, a figure that is little changed from a prior poll in may. now you know that. all right, still ahead on "way too early," the anti-smoking movement not known for sut am tt subtlety. a new campaign does nothing to change that reputation. do smokers need to see dead bodies on the packs of cigarettes to get the message? we'll have a report. plus, jose conseco. why are we bringing him up? at one time one of the greatest power hitters now want you to call him on his personal phone
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for a one-time fee, of course. that depressing story and a check on weather. ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] when businesses see an opportunity, the hartford is there. protecting their employees and property and helping them prepare for the future. nice boots. nice bag. [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at beautiful live picture of the jefferson memorial in washington. let's get a check on your weather now from bill karins. how's it looking? >> pretty nice on this veterans day. parades today and other stuff going on tomorrow and over the weekend. overall, today is a quiet weather day. chilly as you expect in november from boston to d.c. the wind chill isn't that bad. a light winter coat or fall coat will do this morning. temperatures this afternoon will be nice. we'll be in the 50s. again, it won't be windy. it will feel warm in the sun.
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as we go through the next couple days, it doesn't change. dry weather right through sunday. so what you see is what you're going to get for the next couple days. the trouble spots is in the middle of the country. just rain beginning to break out. oklahoma city up to tulsa and kansas city, that's where the stormy weather is later today, tomorrow, and even into saturday. so the forecast today up and down the east coast, what a great day from texas to florida ally to ut southeast. ohio valley looks nice, too. denver, a little bit of snow. not a big deal. maybe an inch or so outside of town. as i mentioned, as we go through the week, no problems on the east coast. they're looking really nice. >> all right. we have a big parade in new york city today. beautiful day for it. let's turn to sports now. quick update on the on going cam newton sag yachlt we told you yesterday about the espn report that suggested two mississippi state recruiters, whatever that means, allege that cam newton and his father had solicited the school in a paid to play recruitment scheme. they, of course, both denied the claims as has auburn university. now it is confirmed by mississippi state in a statement
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that the school had, in fact, contacted the southeastern conference in january about a recruiting issue regarding newton. however, the statement does not specify what the actual issue was. this is the first time mississippi state acknowledged being involved with the situation. the sec declined to comment on the incident. stay tuned. this sunday, the jets face the cleveland browns, a matchup that pits brother against brother. rex ryan, as you know, the head coach for the jets. his twin brother rob ryan is a defensive coordinator for the browns. so yesterday in a press conference, rex decided to have a little fun dawning a wig and some browns gear dressing up as his brother taking questions as his brother. >> what do you think of your brother rex? >> i think rex is a great coach. i think he's a great person. there's no question about that. just a very handsome. >> rob, what happened to your gray hair? >> well, you know, i tried to
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get a head coaching job. so i'm dying it a little bit. >> rex ryan, everybody. a little hockey news. in the off-season, the new jersey devils signed koefl chuck to a $102 million contract. he got to prove his value against the sabres. kovy will keep it alive if he scores. let's watch. >> he lost the puck! kovolchuk lost the puck. >> i don't know a lot about hockey, but i know that's not good. the devil's $100 million man doesn't come up in the clutch there. wow! that's a shame right there. $102 million right there. well, noes secret that jose conseco has run into trouble over the last few years since he retired from baseball. he's done reality shows, rented himself out for the day at one time. he even boxed danny bonaducci for cash. this might be a new low.
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yesterday on his twitter page, conseco posted his phone number, gave out his personal phone number urging people to call him to chat for a small fee. in one post, he writes, i'm ready for you. call me now. let's talk. you will be charged a small fee. half of it will go to a charity. he later wrote, if you don't believe me, i'll get on skype with you. you can call him if you have a few bucks to blow. have you heard about this story, the smoking labels for nearly 50 years the government has been on a campaign to get americans to stop smoking. mostly through the use of warning labels on the side of cigarette packs. but it's been 25 years since those little warnings have changed. now a new law requires much stronger and incredibly graphic labels. is this the end of smoking? nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: if the fda gets its way, smokers will soon be
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confronted with the most graphic and direct warnings yet of the dangers of smoking. closeups of cancerous lungs, a cancerous mouth, dying patients, dead bodies with toe tags, tomb stones and children in a cloud of smoke. >> in effect, every cigarette pack will be sort of a mini billboard warning people about the serious life threatening risks of smoking. ♪ >> i smoke camels regularly because they're mild and they agree with my throat. >> reporter: 40 and 50 years ago, cigarettes were seen as cool. captured in the hit tv series "mad men" in the 196 o's when 42% of the population smoked. today that's down to 21%. but smoking remains the leading cause of preventable deaths with 443,000 americans dying from smoking-related illness each year. and costing $100 billion. >> we want to make sure that every person who picks up a pack
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of cigarettes is going to know exactly what the risk is that they're taking. >> reporter: the new warnings targets smokers who want to quit and teens that still think smoking is cool. if approved, they could come to cigarette packs in two years. but will they work? >> it's scary stuff. >> reporter: this man has spent 35 years in advertising. >> i don't think it's going to work because they make one mistake, they don't realize they're dealing with addicts. and when you talk about reaching younger people, younger people think that they'll never die. >> reporter: reynolds tobacco says it is challenging the label in court and philip morris is working with the fda which hopes the new warnings will help cut smoking rates nearly in half within ten years. tom costello nbc news, washington. >> tom, thanks so much. that one is particularly subtle. 20%, though, as tom said of americans, still smoke. 46.6 million people still smoking in this country. 39 other countries, by the way, already require similar graphic labels. the fda has hired company to
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survey smokers to determine which images are the ones you just saw are most effective in getting smokers to quit. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama honors american veterans of war while traveling abroad in south korea. back home, meanwhile, the fight already starting over the first hints of a new report on reducing the deficit. democrats are not digging it. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch oprah in her final season conquering hero, welcoming back all the talk show hosts she vanquished over the last quarter century. we'll show you when we come back. [ male announcer ] 100 potato chips or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh
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today is veterans day and 2010 marks the 72nd year that the united states celebrated our men and women in uniform with a national holiday. you want to sound smart today, tell your friends there are nearly 22 million military veterans living in the united states according to the census bureau. currently, there are 1.7 million veterans of the iraq and afghanistan wars living in this country. if you want to help them out, one place to do it,, a great organization.
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started by veteran paul likeoff. let's huddle up around the water cooler to get into mindless trivia. we've been very serious so far. let's talk about oprah. it's easy to be gracious when you're going out after a quarter century as a billionaire. no one can touch you. you defeated every other talk show host on the face of the earth. yesterday she invited some of them back. sally jesse rafael, ricki lake, geraldo rivera, phil donahue all coming back to sit down with the woman who whipped their butts. >> we've been on for 25 years. we've been the number one talk show for 25 years. there were a few days when some of you actually beat us in the ratings. i hear you remember those days. >> i never beat you. >> you never did? >> never once. >> never did. >> no. >> did you all see this show as your, like, formidable
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competition? was it -- >> we thought about being you. have your money, live your life. >> she invites them back to humiliate them. unbelievable. martha stewart on tv last night, a little cooking segment. they got the turkeys. martha revealed to stephen her little trick, let's just say, for slaughtering a bird. >> you love thanksgiving, right? >> all holidays. >> how many turkeys are you responsible for killing? >> this year, six. >> you have ever killed one with your bare hands? >> oh, yeah. >> really? >> have you watched the light drain out of its eyes? >> i give them the bottles of cognac and bushon on the arabs? well, before the bird is slaughtered, you -- >> you get the bird drunk? do you have your way with the bird? >> no. no.
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>> that is just sick. but who is going to question martha stewart? let's end on some implosion video. the only kind of implosion video to show. this is a smokestack demolition that went terribly wrong. the smokestack went down the wrong way. this is in springfield, ohio. the ohio edison tower in springfield. standing at 275 feet since 1927 came down the wrong way. can we see it again? no? it's under the dust there. it's terrific. trust me. still ahead, why are ayou awake and "morning joe" is just ahead. [ woman ] you know, as a mom, i worry about my son playing football. which is why i'm really excited. because toyota developed this software that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer. then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football.
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we do all we can to help you move on. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? number one story on right now is an odd one. a doctor is apologizing for operating on the wrong hand of a woman repeatedly. i hate to see that happen. we ask you what you are doing awake at this hour. rob gifford has answers. >> roger says i'm awake trying to figure


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